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Summer Lens Cloths!

Summer Lens Cloths!

My absolute favorite project this summer has been collaborating with local illustrator Kelsey Dake to design a one off lens cloth! I’ve seen different cloth designs ove the years from different shops and manufacturers and always loved the more ornate and meaningful images. Since my drawing skills are still at stick figure level – and even then the stick figures are questionable, I thought reaching out beyond our office would be the best idea. After following Kelsey on social media and oogling at both her art and love for funky eyewear – I thought she would be the perfect person to pitch our idea to. After a couple emails she was happy to participate and here we are! I’m super excited to present our limited edition lens cloth, available only at Urban Eyecare, in collaboration with Kelsey Dake. They are free in store to pick up and are given out with current eyeglass orders. We plan on changing cloths seasonally and hope to keep the tradition alive – featuring local artists and showcasing their amazing work!

Stop in and say HI and pick up your new cloth, before they’re all gone


Dr. K