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What is Orthokeratology?

Developed in the late 80s, Ortho-Keratology has been used for decades to reduce myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism without the need for surgical correction. Similar to LASIK, Ortho-K works by altering the apex of the cornea. The lenses are worn at night as you sleep and removed each morning leading to 24-48 hours of vision correction. Unlike surgical correction, discontinuation of lens wear will lead to returning to your original prescription.


We work with multiple different lens manufacturers to design custom fit programs for each individual. From simple spherical prescriptions to astigmatic and multifocal applications, we are able to treat a variety of visual conditions.

orthokeratology ortho-k treatment phoenix

Overnight vision retainers for the correction of myopia, hyperopia, and presbyopia.

Will Ortho-K For Me?

While many offices choose a lens design that works best for them, we work with multiple labs offering multiple unique products to achieve the best results for each individual. From simple fits based on a few data points all the way to computer generated lens designs using over 8,000 topographical data points and AI to create the most advanced and best fitting lenses on the market.


Ortho-K is a good choice for many patients, including:

Pediatric Patients

Early Adulting

Pre-Presbyopic (Late 30s)

Ages 40+

Pediatric patients

Recent ongoing research puts orthokeratology at the front and center of myopia control – the science of slowing the progression of near sighted progression in children. While research continues, we believe that ortho-k is the best option for most children. Lenses are only worn at home and under parental supervision. Most children can learn to insert and remove lenses on their own with training. We prefer to use ortho-k lenses over soft multifocal lenses and low dose atropine for myopia control for both ease of use and patient safety.

Early Adulting

LASIK sounds great but your Rx hasn’t stabilized? LASIK sounds great but the cost is too high? Worried about eventually needing to go back for further surgical treatments? Ortho-K helps to both correct your vision and slow myopic progression, leading to a more stabile prescription over time and the ability to always revert back to your original prescription for any one of a variety of reasons.

Pre-Presbyopic (Late 30s)

While it may seem like the best time to get LASIK, there are some unfortunate downsides. As we enter our late 30s and early 40s we become presbyopic, or lose the ability to flex the muscle inside our eyes that allows us to focus up close. This is the best time to be near sighted! Permanently correcting your vision for distance at this point will result in requiring reading glasses – somewhat defeating the point of having your vision surgically corrected. While it would be great to see far away without correction there are definite downsides to requiring glasses to see up close as well. With Ortho-K we have the ability to alter the lens characteristics to create multifocal designs.

Ages 40+

Why Not? With multiple different end point options we can work with both mono vision and multifocal fits to achieve the best custom solution for yourself.


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