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Contact Lenses

We Love Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can be used to both correct vision and treat medical condition. At Urban Eyecare we strive to meet the unique needs to each individual by offering a wide variety of off-the-shelf and completely custom contact lens products. Contacts are for everyone!


Are you nervous about first time contact lens wear? Don’t be! We include new wearer insertion and removal training for all new wearers. To ensure a perfect fit, we ask patients to wear lenses for two weeks prior to following up to ensure good comfort and vision with extended wear. Let us help you choose from our wide selection of custom and off-the-shelf contact lens products.

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Time to reorder?

We offer seamless contact lens orders for current patients. Simply text our contact lens concierge at (602) 288-7227.


A payment link can be sent directly to your phone. Orders ca be shipped to our office within 24-48 hours, or to your home in 7-10 working days.


*This service is for current patients only.

Types of Contact Lenses

types of contact lenses

Soft OTC Contact Lenses

Low and High Prescriptions, For Astigmatism (Including Extended Ranges), Multifocal, Multifocal for Astigmatism

Hybrid Contacts (Soft Skirt/GP Center)

Spherical, For Astigmatism, Multifocal

Soft Custom

Single Vision (Beyond OTC Varities), For Astigmatism, Multifocal for Astigmatism

Gas Permeable (Small Diameter)

Spherical and Tori, Bitoric, Aspheric and Translating Multifocal

Scleral Lenses

For the treatment of Dry Eye and Ocular Disease

Orthokeratology (Overnight Container)

Clear vision all day without lenses, – and + RX Available, Multifocal/Monovision Options, 100% Custom Designed Per Patient

Medically Necessary Contact Lenses

Conditions Treated


Anisometropia (Large difference in RX between eyes)
High Ametropia (+/- 10D RX)
Corneal Ectasia
Visual Improvement (>2 lines over glasses)
Irregular Astigmatism (>2 lines improvement)
Corneal Transplant
Corneal Dystrophy
Anisocoria or Polycoria Pupil Abnormality

Lenses Availability


*Most designs can be ordered for in-office fitting
**Custom lenses by request (call for evaluation)


Corneal Rigid Gas Permeable
Scleral Lenses
Soft Prosthetics
Black-Backed soft Lenses
Euclid Systems Corneal Reshaping Technology

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