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Specs n’ Stuff

Specs n’ Stuff

While the rains brought a welcomed reprieve the humidity appears to be dissipating and the days inch closer to 110. I don’t know about you but all this extra warmth has pushed me further into a terrible ice cream habit. We’ve all got our vices, mine just happens to be cookie dough.

Guess what? ALL of Urban Eyecare staff are vaccinated! In addition to being vaccinated all staff and doctors will be wearing masks in clinic. We ask those who have yet be vaccinated please be courteous and wear a mask while in office. Customers who have already been vaccinated have the option of removing their mask for their appointments. We appreciate your cooperation during these times as we work to keep each other healthy.


We have recently released a new curated selection of eyewear, Kirk and Kirk. These handmade acrylic pieces are the combination of 100 years of optical experience coming together to make some of the coolest crystal frames on the market. From subdued translucent colors to neon color sandwiches, Kirk and Kirk provides both a visual treat as well as extreme comfort with their ultra light frames. Since launch they have been flying off the shelves and have resulted in some of our favorite fits of the year. Check them out in store now!




This month we celebrate two work anniversaries, both Kim and Allison. Kim has been with us since just about the beginning, recently marking her fourth year in office. This year Kim has been promoted from on the floor to her own office where she splits her time between insurance billing and customer service. Allison celebrates her full first year in office and the first time she’s seen any of us without masks. Allison has been a wonderful addition to the team and has helped us improve our customer service and patient communications. We’re lucky to have such a wonderful hardworking and dedicated team.



We have seen a large increase in highly astigmatic contact lens fits in the past 6 months. While we generally start with a soft lens (extended range or completely custom designed), we have also added a hybrid lens selection to our arsenal to fit in office. Synergeyes offers the vision of a hard lens with the comfort of a soft lens, featuring a hard center and soft skirt allowing for the correction of an extended range of prescriptions, including keratoconic and other lens designs. Urban Eyecare has also extended our custom soft lens options, originally including just Biofinity Toric Extended Range and Unilens CVue custom toric lenses, we have added Intelliwave Pro soft lenses with even more material and parameter options and some of the best in market comfort and wearability. Inquire today if you’ve always wanted to lenses but your prescription has previously held you back.



Giving back to our community has always been a part of our business but as we grow we are able to give back in larger ways. We’ve always supported those less fortunate than us through free exams and eyewear because we don’t believe anybody should have to walk around being unable to see due to their economic situation. We have expanded Urban Eyecare Gives this year to include quarterly donations to local charities and causes. So far this year we have donated $1000 to the Southwest Center in honor of downtowns amazingly diverse population and all the wonderful work they do for our community. When inquiring about organizations that have personally touched lives, Southwest Center stood out as a clear choice to show support. Unfortunately a wonderful downtown hero, ambassador, and patient of ours suffered through a tragic accident after being hit by a drunk driver while biking home one night. We have stepped up with $500 towards the Help Hans Heal fund. If you have a spare dollar or more please consider doing the same to help a wonderful person get back on their feet. We will round off the year with our annual sponsorship of Phoestivus in Downtown Phoenix, with a $1000 sponsorship donation going to St. Marys Food Bank. Through your support we are able to give back and we cant thank you enough.



Urban Eyecare is growing once again, this time by one beautiful little girl as Dr. K and his wife Emily celebrate their soon to be baby girl. We look forward to sharing her with our friends and family in early 2022.


baby girl

We look forward to seeing all of your wonderful faces in office! As always, schedule online or give us a ring 🙂