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The Art of The Long Pause

The Art of The Long Pause

Is the finesse in the delivery of that last word, pre-pause, or is the first tone post-pause to set the mood? Regardless of the circumstances, COVID has left us all somewhere in the long pause of mask life. The situation even today goes far beyond my wildest dreams when opening the practice. We have a had a steady growth trajectory since inception and despite what’s going on in the world around us we continue to maintain that momentum. If anything, this has given us a moment of pause during a time where we were bursting at the seams. We have used this time to the best of our ability to transform plan for our future. 

COVID protocols have increased the amount and equipment to clean and sanitize the office and eyewear between patients. Customer service is our number one priority and for that very reason we have hired a new team member to keep us on track.  Allison comes from a retail background, having previously managed a boutique and assisted with business development. We welcome Allison to the team and are excited to be able to use her current skillset to improve our own customer service abilities. 


One of the bigger changes we have decided to make this fall is discontinuing our participation with two vision plans, Avesis and Spectera. Both plans require us to use their own labs to fulfil prescriptions. We feel the need to be in control of lab work to ensure best results and products for our patients. We will continue to service existing patients and extend eyewear discounts to previous patients seen under these insurances but will no longer be accepting new patients going forward. We would be more than happy to convert any patient using a discontinued insurance to cash pay and provide the paperwork to self-submit to your insurance company. 


We continue to add exciting equipment to our arsenal to provide the highest level of care possible. Earlier this year we added a Medmont Topographer to assist with creating custom OrthoKeratology lenses and other corneal and corneo-scleral gas permeable lenses. The amazing accuracy of the Medmont makes it one of the best topographers on the market and perfect for our patient base. This technology makes it easier to diagnose and manage corneal conditions and ectasias. We were  also fortunate enough to add an iCare tonometer to our tool kit pre-COVID. The iCare will be used as a screening device for eye pressure and glaucoma. The iCare uses a single use sterilized tip to decrease the risk of COVID transmission between patients. 


One of the biggest pieces in a medical practice is the electronic health record (EHR). We have been using the same EHR since we’ve opened and have finally had the opportunity to explore what else is on the market and find one that’s best for our specific situation. We will be making the switch over the next few weeks. We will be adding some cool new functionality like online scheduling and a direct link to your patient portal from our website. We’ll be making upgrades all around from phones to credit card processors, computers, new monitors, and more. 


  The most unique aspect of Urban Eyecare are the frame lines we stock. Unique, obscure, trendy, eco conscious, and more. From runway to driveway, shades to specs, we have something for everybody. We will be unveiling a new brand this coming week. Hand made in Japan using the finest titanium and acetate, requiring months of preparation to finish a single frame, and truly in a category of one. Stay tuned for the big drop! 


These past 6 months have been tough from both a physical and a psychological perspective. It’s difficult to watch the very thing you’ve poured your life into over multiple years evaporate in front of you. It’s for these exact reasons that we have decided to grab the bull by the horns and steer ourselves out the other side – bigger, better, and ready to tackle the future much better than pre-pandemic. While we may not be following our original plans to the T, it’s unlikely they’d have remained unchanged.  Together we will continue to grow and serve. 


Please join us in welcoming Allison to the team! 


PS: B&L is in the process of launching a new silicone hydrogel daily contact lens for DRY EYE! Keep an eye on your email for news on availability. If you’ve had to discontinue CL in the past due to dryness, this may be the lens for you!