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Introducing Haffmans and Neumeister

Introducing Haffmans and Neumeister


Today, we introduce Arizona to Haffmans and Neumeister, the maximal-minimal. Our favorite eyewear to stock – ultra light, ultra durable, and undeniably chic. The same piece that blends in at one point becomes a focal point in the right light. Say nothing and everything without ever uttering a word. H&N. Lets fit you! At Urban Eyecare we work tirelessly to bring you the best tech, materials, and products to elevate and accentuate your luxury eyewear needs.


Tradition In Avantgarde

Haffmans & Neumeister has set itself the objective of continuing a history dating back over 20 years in the premium eyewear segment, linking the traditional with the avantgarde. With ic! berlin and MYKITA, Haffmans & Neumeister conquered and transformed the eyewear market through the invention of, and innovative experiments with, flat sheet-metal frames. All steps of production—from design to manufacturing and sale—are taken care of in-house in Berlin.

Haffmans & Neumeister frames are characterized by an integral combination of innovative technical solutions, aesthetic and timeless design, and high-quality materials. They have a high practical value, while their unmistakable design and conceptual realization concentrate on the essentials—making them easily accessible, and ageless. The philosophy contributes to the products brand recognition and distinguishes the frames from those of other manufacturers.



Handcrafted sheet metal eyewear is assembled in-house, under one roof in our Berlin headquarters. With all elements of the company housed in one building, they are able to enable a flow and connection between all departments. This keeps all employees and elements of production seamlessly connected, as well as provide the highest quality end product.


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