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Always Be Changing

always be changing

Always Be Changing

ABC. Always be changing. Business is an endurance sport, not much different than running. You practice, you learn, you work to improve, and you grow. Just like lobbing a few seconds off a mile, business gives me an outlet to experiment with thoughts and ideas. The idea of being a forever student was always something I found appealing in medicine – with a constantly evolving landscape we work to be our best with what we know today, but maintain the willingness to continue learning, and being willing to change how we practice to best serve our patients.


Looking at the landscape and the insane amount of information constantly being throwing at us in the form of industry publications, advertisements, white papers, etc. it becomes difficult to discern what is revolutionary, what is hype, and what is just plain BS. While I love technology and “new”, I’ve always felt it my duty to my patients to not jump on every new exciting idea but wait to fully analyze new treatments or devices. Reviews, social proof, publications, and more. We will always continue to stay on the front lines of cutting edge to best serve you.


So what’s new you ask?


Lots! We’re continually adding products, services, staff, and more as we grow. We had the opportunity to up our Orthokeratology game by purchasing a new, more accurate, corneal topographer. This device not only allows us to take more accurate corneal maps leading to better first lens outcomes but it also gives us the ability to plug into specific programs to custom design orthokeratology lenses from the ground up, uniquely and specifically for each patient using computer aided design. As we implement this new program we will also begin to bolster our myopia control practice. Keep an eye out for future updates as we develop this aspect and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Orthokeratology is not only a great way to correct vision but also a great way to slow the progression of myopia (nearsightedness) in children.


On the soft contact lens front we have just added the new Bausch and Lomb Infuse contact lens to our lineup. This lens uses a brand new silicone hydrogel polymer called kalifilcon A. This lens features B&Ls new ProBalance technology to help maintain ocular surface homeostasis. The only lens of its kind on the market currently, Infuse should be a boon for patients suffering from dry eye. We are one of the first practices in the Phoenix area to have access to these new products!


On the eyewear front we have added a new premium collection, Dita, a name synonymous with Japanese luxury. Designed in California and produced by hand in Japan across multiple factories. Dita represents a new highpoint for Urban Eyecare in the luxury eyewear segment. We remain one of the few opticals in the US retailing premium collections while accepting managed vision care plans. As durable as they are uniquely beautiful, put your HSA to good use this year – your eyes deserve it!


We have used this period of reduced appointments to fully evaluate our operations and make necessary changes to facilitate continued growth! We are instituting change from the ground up starting with staff. I would like a welcome our newest staff member Allison to the team! Allison joins us with a background in retail sales and management and brings with her a wealth of knowledge on the retail front for continued optical growth. We were never satisfied with the patient portal experience or the in-office tools our computer system provided so we have taken the opportunity to upgrade our electronic health records. This gives us new and improved tools to manage patients in office, manage check in /check out procedures, and provide a new patient portal experience that is easier to use and navigate. We have upgraded our patient communications tools to include increased appointment reminders as well as reworked our communication policies for increased post-dispense check in and care. Our website now features a live interactive scheduler that you can use to make your appointment without having to speak to anybody! We hope these small changes add up to make a meaningful difference over time and a better overall patient experience.


We are expecting a busier than usually winter season due to our reduced schedule. We will continue seeing a reduced schedule until told otherwise by the CDC. If you would like to be seen before year end, please book early. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions! We look forward to seeing you before year end!