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The Hubble Contact Lens Conundrum

The Hubble Contact Lens Conundrum

We live in a world where corporations leverage massive marketing campaigns on social media to lure the public into purchasing products. We call these unique companies disrupters as they are changing the landscape as a whole. We saw the beginning with Dollar Shave Club and the subscription model for what the public perceives as being overly expensive products. One of the newer companies to adopt this model is Hubble Contact lenses. I’m sure you’ve seen their advertisements on social media pushing the idea of daily contacts delivered monthly to your door for the low-low price of only $39 a month. What could go wrong?

Unfortunately, lots of things! This is why doctors fit contact lenses in office, observe these lenses on the eye, and follow up at a later date after repeated wear to make sure there are no adverse reactions. Hubble skirts this model by selling direct to consumer – without doctors fitting the products. Without anybody verifying patients can see in the product. Without ever having a doctor observe a lens on the eye. 


While these details may seem minor to some – the fact that this company is selling a lens based on a material developed in the 80’s creates a different kind of danger. The lenses are produced by a company called St. Shine out of Taiwan, using a material called Methafilcon A. This material has very low oxygen permeability and has an increased risk of ocular complications from contact lens wear and misuse. So we are taking an old outdated product, slapping a new shiny label on it, thinking up a random trendy name, and then selling it to consumers as if it’s the latest and greatest while they have no clue that they are wearing an outdated product. 


So what? Maybe you’ve received these lenses (even though our office has never verified and approved a Hubble prescription). Maybe you like them and find them comfortable. Maybe you like the idea that you are spending less money on lenses. The problem is that these lenses are actually VERY EXPENSIVE! $39 a month over 12 months equals $468. Our modern lenses sold in office start at $321 for a yearly supply of current market lenses! These inexpensive lenses become even more expensive once you factor in the cost of medical care for adverse reactions. 


At the end of the day, I don’t care where you buy your contact lenses from. We set our prices to compete with reputable online vendors and offer great deals on our most prescribed lenses. Our goal isn’t to put you into the most expensive product, it is to put you into the product that best suits your needs and will provide you with the sharpest and most comfortable vision achievable. 

-Dr. K

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