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Holllla 2019!

Holllla 2019!

WHAT A FREAKEN YEAR! Seriously! This has just been epic. I have never in my life been so full of love and gratitude. We are truly working to become a pillar of our downtown community by offering medical care in an area which was previously lacking. We’ve had the opportunity this year to donate/support Phoestivus, Phoenix mural project, and both police and fire retirement/safety funds. Everything we have done is a direct result of our never ending community support. Thank you all for continually showing us love and referring your friends and family. We truly appreciate it from the bottom of all of our hearts from both the Urban Eyecare team and The Klepfisz family!

This years been a whirlwind. I can’t even remember last January at this point! This year feels like a tornado has just whirlwinded itself through my life. I couldn’t imagine how time consuming this whole endeavor would be. It feels were part of the amazing race and I’m constantly learning new skills, gaining new perspectives, creating alliances and making friendships through folks in similar circumstances. It just melts me inside that 1425 sq feet of office can bring in so much love and create so much stress all once!

Truly the biggest part of 2019, besides still being in business (hoorahhh!) is getting engaged to the love of my life. My right hand and mother to our four legged fur babies. Somebody with enough patience to put up with me 24/7 and willing to spend the rest of their life with me. I’m so glad to have the opportunity to marry my love.

On that note, hello 2019! I mean no disrespect, but were going to KICK YOU’RE A$@!! I cant wait to see you all and celebrate our continued success and your continued health!

Cheers to another year of Arizona lovin’ and kick ass eyewear!