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Urban Eyecare + Eyewear: January Edition

Urban Eyecare + Eyewear: January Edition

New year – new you! New us? Every day is a new us at this point. We continue to rapidly expand and adapt to our expanding clientele in Downtown Phoenix. We had an amazing end of year and beginning of year which is allowing us to bring in a few new lines in Q1 of 2019! We’ll be exploring both Europe and Asia with our new collections. Stay tuned for parties, trunk shows, and special offers to get the latest in greatest in your hands on your faces!


The amount of development going on in downtown right now is absolutely mindboggling. If you ever have a chance I highly recommend checking out Downtown Phoenix Inc.’s info they’ve compiled about the current state of downtown, its history, and more importantly its future. We’re seeing the early stages of the southern light rail extension take place just outside our doors. Block 28 is already having windows installed, many stories from street level. Who knew we’d ever get so excited over the addition of a grocery store? We’re also seeing a massive influx of downtown dwellers as more and more tech jobs reach beyond silicon valley to greener pastures with lower rents. 


I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing folks these past couple months in clinic. My favorite by far has been a wonderful gentleman who suffers from Keratoconus. With a history of both intacs and corneal crosslinking halting progressive corneal changes, this patient still suffered with poor quality vision. With the use of a scleral lens alone, we were able to go from 20/400 to 20/40 vision in the poorer eye. With overcorrection we were able to achieve 20/30 vision in the worse eye and 20/15 in the better eye! Its cases like this that truly warm my heart and make this all worth while. If you or somebody you know suffers from reduced vision from corneal abnormalities, please don’t hesitate to refer to us for an evaluation. We would be honored to have the opportunity to change their lives. 


On the Dr. K side of the eyeball, we’ve had an exciting new year as well. Emily, myself, and friends attended Crescent Ballroom’s NYE party and had loads of fun. Its great to be able to support Walter Project and all their wonderful efforts around town supporting artists and youth. We had a great year supporting our community. We’ve donated both eyewear and exams to those in need, supported Phoestivus and the Phoenix Mural Project, PBA, and One Community for equal rights for the LGBT community. This past weekend Emily and myself had our engagement photos shot at Arcosanti. I can’t wait to share the final results with you all. We’re headed to Sedona this weekend for a late celebration for Emily’s birthday. One of my favorite parts of living in Phoenix is how close we are to Sedona! I even signed up for a Spartan Race and half marathon trail run. Sounds like I better get to training! 


Thank you all for reading. Keep an eye out for some amazing new artisan eyewear headed your way as the days grow longer and warmer. Stop by and say hi, check out what’s new, refill your cleaner, or take some candy! We look forward to seeing you and thank you for being a part of the Urban Eyecare family!