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Happy Birthday to US!

Happy Birthday to US!

We’ve officially hit one year. The make or break point for most small businesses and were busting through to month 13 with smiles on our faces and an eagerness for the upcoming year. Summer was amazing with only a slight slowdown during the dogdays of July but we found a quick reprieve in August with a huge uptick of new patients. The summers been better then we deserve and we couldn’t have done it without your support. Truly, I know I say this a lot but it’s true. We invest in advertising but our biggest referral source is our happy patients. We love that our patients are running around the globe in comfortable flattering eyewear living their lives and referring friends and family. Your referrals and online reviews are the lifeblood of our small practice and I thank you for it all from the bottom of my heart.


Summer has been quiet after our euro trip and engagement. We’ve had the opportunity to spend a lot of times with friends and family. I’ve become much more engaged in the optometric community with my free time and it’s been very fulfilling. It was a hard transition going from a purely clinical position to a management/owner position. I had to spend much more time learning about business for better for worse but I definitely came out the backside with a different view of optometric care. I have the same initial ethos but continue to adapt to our changing market and demographic. There isn’t a time of day that isn’t spent thinking about what’s next, how we can grow, and what we can do to offer better care to our patients. Being a practice owner is truly a full time job, and worrying about your practice and patients is another full time job.


We’ve phased out a few of our initial frame brands over the course of a year for different reasons. We’ve got a big trip planned to Vision Expo West to check out the latest and greatest offerings from frame manufacturers throughout the world. We’ve got some amazing plans for this fall and its going to be a great time to make use of Essilors BOGO deal on Eyezen anti-fatigue lenses and the X progressive lens. These are truly revolutionary products and the best manufacturer deal I’ve seen since practicing. We’ll have BOGO pricing till the end of the year.


We’ve added an assortment of OTC products to make your life easier. We now stock Refresh brand artificial tears including Optive non-preserved, Optive advanced, and Optive for contact lenses. We stock Alaway for allergies, Bruder hot compresses, and Lumify redness relief. We’ll continue to stock Macuhealth macular supplements and Nordic Naturals Omega 3 supplements.


Our contact lens practice is growing. We’ve recently added scleral lenses to our stable of available products and continue to fit corneal gas permeable lenses and Euclid Ortho-K myopia control lenses. Multifocal soft lenses have been a huge seller for us this summer and I expect this trend to continue as the technology improves. We now have in stock daily disposable multifocals for very best in comfort and vision.


We’ve had a change in staff this past month, with Alaina moving on to bigger and better things. We’re sad to see her go but happy to be a part of her growth and career. We’ve welcomed Taylor to the team and she’s almost through training. She is the new face of Urban Eyecare in our first impression coordinator position and were sure you will absolutely adore her. Stop in sometime to say hi and introduce yourself!


I’m looking forward to throw a huge bash for our one-year anniversary. We decided to wait till a little bit after the year mark so we can let the fresh fall air in and enjoy the weather. We’ll be throwing a trunk show with various vendors as well as music, food, drinks, giveaways and more.


Yours truly,

Dr. K