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I, like every Phoenician, was looking towards summer with trepidation. Not just the 115 degree weather but what seems to universally be considered a dry spell for valley businesses. Between the heat and decrease in summer population, even the best small businesses often run into trouble.  I entered into June wondering if we’d see a constant flow of or if summer recess would create a vortex of nothingness downtown. Well – lets just say I am pleasantly surprised. We’ve seen continued month over month growth in patient numbers AND we are almost at the point of 1 year recalls, despite the triple digit temps.

We had the opportunity to celebrate our first repeat patient a couple weeks ago. Ruby, our first ever patient returned for her exam before preparing to move onto bigger and better career options outside the valley. We are proud and excited for her journey and equally as excited to see a smiling face return to the practice. This next year will be a year of tremendous growth. I am excited to expand as we start recalling past patients.

Emily and myself had a great June. We had our first vacation since opening which was amazing. I was even able to sit back and relax and forget about Phoenix for just long enough to come back feeling extra energized. We got by with a little help from our friends, doctors whom I’m glad to know on a personal and a professional level that picked up the slack. Kim and Alaina held down the fort, killed our June marketing campaign, and were their general amazing selves on the customer service front. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

I always promised Emily that once we got Urban Eyecare off the ground and I didn’t wake up nightly wondering if we’d be eating Ramen for the week that we should get married. Well guess what! I only wonder once a week about Ramen and spend the rest in utter bliss now that we are engaged. I asked Emily to marry me in Plaza Navona in Rome after our Mediterranean cruise and she happily accepted. Now the real challenge begins in finding a wedding venue.

We’ve got some big marketing plans through July as well as our one-year anniversary party come August. I look forward to all that lies ahead. As always, we wouldn’t be here without your support. I want to extend my gratitude to those that have helped us reach our goals this year. Thank you all!