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I eat, sleep, and dream Urban Eyecare. I wake up a 2am thinking of frames. 4am rethinking diagnosis and treatment plans. 6am crunching numbers and making sure were on track to pay rent and continue growing. The beauty of a new business is the exponential growth while the downside is the early and growing expenses of owning a new practice. We’ve exceeded all previous predictions and estimates but that doesn’t put me at ease. I’m not sure anything in reality would put me at complete ease. I don’t think any level of satisfaction will ever stop me from chasing growth, innovating our office, and continuing to drive the profession. Every day is still a learning experience, every experience a lesion, and every lesson a take home to change the way we operate.

Its been a busy busy spring to say the least. From professional photoshoots of the office to a downtown spring edition photoshoot with our friend and local ASU student, Dean. Annual residents day, which was where I sat a year ago prepping posts for our Instagram and the great allergy season of 2017.

We’ve been fortunate to be able to add a new frame line, Etnia Barcelona. They our are one of the best selling European brands bringing both classic and modern shapes with a mix of color that only comes straight from Barcelona. They’ve been flying off the shelves and if you haven’t had the chance to check them out, I would highly recommend it. Unlike anything we’ve had before and an absolutely killer assortment. These exemplify a junction of quality, color, and unique shapes.

The Phoenix Mural Festival was this past weekend, check them out on Instagram and check out their website. Tons of new murals spread across Phoenix. I’m glad we can be a part of and help support the local community. We’ve also had a local artist, Yai, put together a commission for our first exam lane as well as be the inaugural artist for our seasonal window. We continue to advertise and do small events downtown. We’ve got a few health fairs under our belt and have a couple more in the works for the coming month. Its been great to get out and connect with members of the community and those that work downtown. A couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to support and attend a dinner through the Phoenix Grow House. It was a wonderful night under the stars, with the perfect weather, delicious food put together by local chefs using local ingredients.

I could write forever but forget that. Stop in, Say hi. Happy Friday!