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March has been a continuation of a great week, month, day, year… I hate to stay it all starts to blend together but at this point 2018 feels like a giant blur as we ride the momentum into spring. Its been fun month starting with restyling out own team. Kim is rocking out in her new grey tort Article Ones with an Essilor X Progressive and Sapphire 360 coating for all day comfortable vision in one pair of glasses while Alaina is going big and bold in a Smoke and Mirrors crystal red frame with Essilor Eyzen tech and Sapphire 360 coatings. Stop in to check out their new looks as well as discuss their experience with the latest and greatest from Essilor.

One great aspect of being downtown is that we’re seeing an uptick in our clinic of same day red eye and emergency appointments. We have the ability in office to treat anything from corneal abrasions to contact lens complications, infections, and so forth. We take BCBS for medical currently while also offering affordable prices for those without medical coverage. While a large portion of our practice is optical, we certainly see a fair bit of medical as well. I enjoy how we have a balance of both problem free patients looking for new eyewear as well as those that require a bit of medical attention.

We had the chance to flex our creative muscles a bit for fantastic patient who recently moved from Portland and was looking for an optometrist similar to where she was being seen in Portland. We fortunately fit the bill of modern optical, independent eyewear, and complete eyecare. We were excited to not only help this patient into new glasses and sunwear, but also into new contact lenses and help with a new allergy to Arizona. All said and done we tackled the allergy, eyewear needs, and produced one of my favorite sun lenses to date! Check it out be low for the gorgeous pink gradient. We will be pushing more into the complete custom lens game this coming summer and can’t wait to share the results with you.

March has also been great socially for myself and my family. We had the opportunity to check out Devoured for the first time during its inaugural event at the Desert Botanical Gardens. I couldn’t be more excited to check out what some of our favorite restaurants brought to the table as well as others that we don’t currently eat at. We definitely found some new gems and come end of day, our favorite bite came from Worth Takeaway from Mesa. No doubt, my favorite sandwich shop in AZ. McDowell Mountain Music Festival was fun as always. Theres nothing like walking from your house with a blanket, plopping down in the middle of Hance park with a beer and your friends and relaxing to some music. One of my favorite days to be living downtown for sure.

March reminds me that there will always be ups and downs in life and business. We’re racing through another month and beyond excited to bring in some new products, spring/summer releases, and launch our newest brand – Article One. This brings me back to our roots and why we are where we are. We are here to bring you premium handpicked eyewear, offer premium products, and stand behind our work. I take great pride in what we are accomplishing here. I stand behind our work 100%. Cheers to another month!