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Twenty Eighteen

Twenty Eighteen

January in Arizona is a much different experience than that of my childhood. January in New York usually meant ice cold mornings, silent nights, blizzards, snow plows, mittens, and red noses. Arizonian winters evoke much more of an umbrella drink and swimtrunk vibe. At the very least it gives me the opportunity test-drive some beautiful new sunglasses prior to picking up any new brands. Speaking of new brands, we had the opportunity to bring in a swoon worthy Italian brand called Retro Superfuture. Unique modern takes on classic heritage styles, handmade in Italy, Zeiss lenses, and undoubtedly cool. We are both happy and proud to be fitting these glasses and look forward to many years of unique designs to come. 

January has been pretty mellow which is actually great. It has given us time to regroup, address issues and create solutions. We continue to grow month over month and can’t help but love our patients as much as they love us. Downtown continues to grow and continually change. We welcomed Quicken Loans to our building this month and look forward to building great relationships within the company. The next few months will be spent analyzing heritage and heirloom eyewear brands to find the best fit for our patient base. We are always working to bring the latest in trends and styles while still preserving, if not amplifying quality and service. 

While I don’t necessarily believe in new year resolutions I do tend to hold my self accountable and found my self to be slacking as we charged into 2018. Sitting back, theres no shortage of factors that have slowed me down but I’m stepping into 2018 with my best foot forwards and stripping my self of excuses. I changed gyms to a place I felt a bit more at home and have found it much easier to make my way over before or after work. I have been working diligently on my running and have been consistent with sub 7:30 miles which is a huge improvement from last year where I stayed steady at an 8 minute mile. Theres this moment, a place, a feeling, you hit mentally when you are in the zone, at your peak, pushing through. Its in these moments of clarity I find a calmness. Similar to first runs after a blizzard, on a mountain top, in a cold silence. Its these moments that propels us forward. Watch out 2018 – Here we come.