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Lenses on Lenses on Lenses

Lenses on Lenses on Lenses

We’ve had such an amazing February filled with new eyewear and amazing patients. Its been great networking and building new relationships downtown with both individuals and businesses. I had the opportunity to attend the opening party for STC Health in the warehouse district. It’s great to see the development going on all throughout the downtown area and we are proud and excited to be serving this community with quality care and independent eyewear.

We had the opportunity to develop our specialty contact lens practice this month especially fitting a soft prosthetic, an Orhto-K vision shaping lens, and in the process of fitting mini-sclerals for pulucid marginal degeneration. I am a huge fan of ortho-k and also a wearer my self. It is a great non-permanent alternative to LASIK that is adaptable over time and isn’t effected by dry eyes. In fact, it a great solution for dry eye myopes that have issues wearing soft lenses in the desert! I had a great time fitting a soft prosthetic on a young lady who wanted to look great for pictures at her sister’s wedding. Her previous doctor used an inferior quality lenses that was falling apparat as well as did a poor job matching her beautiful dark brown iris color. Its amazing how such a small object and have such an impact on a person’s appearance and give somebody such confidence. We’re glad to be able to provide this service for our patients.

We’re always searching for new frame lines and products and as we move a couple of our older lines to the side to make room for new styles. I’m especially excited for a new line we’ll be taking in next month that has a strong altruistic background in helping children see in rural communities. This fits in perfectly with the messages sent by some of our other lines such as Eco and Modo who plant trees and provide children with glasses respectively. I like having the ability to pick our lines not just based on their products but based on what they are doing to give back to the community.

We’re finally all stocked up on products for the upcoming quarter. We’ve restocked our vitamin selection in including high quality Omega 3 products and MacuHealth macular vitamins. We’ve recently added Allergan dry eye products to our shelves and you can now pick up your artificial tears and lid scrubs directly from us at the time of your exam.

I’m super excited for McDowell Mountain Music Festival this weekend! Its always such a great time with a wonderful lineup benefiting the city. We’re glad to have signed up as a corporate sponsor for the Phoenix Mural Project and their event happening on RoRo in May. Be on the lookout for more information on this event as we get closer. As always, were here for you and the community. Stop by to say Hi, pick up some new frames, and schedule your exam today! We look forward to making you part of the Urban Eyecare Fam!