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Turks, Taters, and Eyeballs

Turks, Taters, and Eyeballs

I’m pretttttty excited for November. It’s just one of those months that’s full of EVERYTHING. Phoenix becomes buzzing with events – taco festivals, novembeer, donut festival, pizza festival, outdoor ice skating downtown, etc. Then its Thanksgiving! Its that time of year that my parents fly in from NY, Emily’s family comes to visit, and we all get to hang out and express our gratitude over delicious food – Immediately followed with me shoving my head 3 feet down into the said and escaping to Sedona to avoid the Black Friday rush. All in all it’s a crazy crazy month that ends in pure bliss. 


On the side of “work”, its been a wonderful month. We’re seeing a large uptick in support which has even brought us to the point of needing to reconfigure out schedule to accommodate the larger patient load. The support we receive from our downtownters and local community just melts my heart. We are here to serve and together we can make the world a brighter place. We’ve seen a great expansion in our specialty contact lens practice as the end of the year approaches. We’ve had the opportunity to do a few Orhto-K fits (Orthokeratology) which allows myopes (near signed folks)  to correct their vision over-night and wear nothing during the day. Similar to LASIK it flattens the cornea but its both reversible and changeable, as in 2 years later we can update your Rx rather than going in for surgery. If you are under a -4.00, I always recommend considering this over LASIK as we live in a near world these days – being able to see up close once we turn 40 is more important to me than seeing distance without correction. We’ve also had the opportunity to fit multiple scleral lenses for different corneal conditions – Keratoconus, Pellucid marginal degeneration, and a corneal ectasia after surgery. All are equally rewarding as they are educational to both the patients and myself.  Below are two cornealscleral Ortho-K lenses which are both slightly decentered inferiorly. We made the lenses larger to correct for this, providing a clear and crisp mono vision fit for this patient.


We’ve further expanded our glasses to include Rudy Project – handmade in Italy of carbon infused plastics to give you equal parts strength and lightness. Most are fully Rx-able in single vision, progressive, transiitons, and mirrors. We’re slowly phasing out a few brands we started with and have new markdowns – a $200 wall of frames for your pickins, while they last. 


Thank you all for the continued success of Urban Eyecare


Dr. K