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What a wonderful transition from scorching heat to flooded roads and sweatshirts. Everything seems to change so fast these days. I’m not sure if it’s the never-ending work or just growing up and getting older but it all seems to blend together some days. We’re all full of gratitude for the support we’ve seen this past year. Without you all we wouldn’t be here. Thank you for supporting our vision of transparent value based care and unique independent eyewear. Through understanding our supply chain at all levels, holding our suppliers accountable, and choosing brands who support our values we are able to thrive and exemplify optometry in 2018.


We’ve certainly experienced some changes as we’ve crested our one year mark. We’ve unfortunately lost a founding staff member, Alaina. Everybody will remember her smiling face humor. She’s gone on to bigger and better things for her and her family. We’ve added a new staff member, Taylor. Dressed to kill and sweet as can be, she has taken over our first impression coordinator position. Taylor will be your direct point of contact and is available for eyewear consultations and second opinions! As always, you’re a direct reflection of us. We’re here to help you look and see your best.


We’ve been proactive in adding insurances. We’ve added both Advantica and E-NVA to our repertoire. We are full service providers for both, allowing you to both have your eyes examined and purchase eyewear. Me and Kim took a day trip to vegas and had the opportunity to get our eyes and hands on brands we’ve been swooning over the past year. We purchased two collections that just blew us out of the water on the spot. There were many others that we loved bits and pieces but not enough to fully bring in as well as some lower priced high quality collections were bringing in to balance out our inventory. Our ultimate intention is to bring you unique and luxury eyewear at affordable prices and allow to use your insurance benefits that you are already paying for. We’ve got Barton Perreira stocked and on the shelves, be sure to stop by and check out their amazing made in Japan handcrafted eyewear!


I was at the gym this morning and begin reminiscing, while avoiding working out. We spent an entire rainy day doing absolutely nothing with all the puppies and Netflix. That laziness has spilled over to Sunday sunshine as I write this, windows open and puppies at my feet. Something sparked me into thinking about my job search when I finished residency. It was the complete opposite of what I was expecting. Where I expected doctors to be caring and generous they were literally the exact opposite. Lying, cowardly, self centered would be the nice way of putting it. One doctor who invited me to interview for two weeks of fill in immediately rescinded and diminished the offer to 6 days over the course of 2 weeks, told me that all patients will be notified that they are being seen by fill in doctor, and that I would only be paid based on production – which by all means sounded like the was trying to minimize anything I could possibly make while really just allowing her doors to be open for emergencies and whatnot. That was all fine and well but it was how she ended it that really convinced me to walk out never to return. This doctor told me that I was LUCKY she was offering me this pittance of work, it would be an honor to work for her, and that I will never find fulltime employment here in the Valley.


In the grand scheme of things that wasn’t the worst of it all. My favorite was a doctor far out in the West Valley that gave me the grand tour, took me to lunch, and then left me waiting for weeks. This gentleman didn’t even have the spine to call me and tell me that he had offered the job to a different doctor. I called multiple times and he even had it in him to tell me that he would call me back later because he was in the middle of something, after a different doctor had accepted the position. Fortunately, I knew the doctor – who lasted only a few months before leaving. The husband doctor and wife managerial situation was surprising a poor fit for….everybody? I look at these situations as dodging a bullet. Where I landed truly capitalized on my background of providing evidence based medicine and specialty contact lens services to those in need. I spent years growing and learning as I continue to do today. Even though we have a strong focus on refractive care we still continue to learn, thrive, and adapt to the ever changing healthcare landscape.


Cheers to Sunday and creating the practice of our dreams,
Dr. K