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New Year – New Beginnings

New Year – New Beginnings

December has been our busiest month to date. All the training and practice has paid off we we cruised through the month without a hitch. Its been wonderful watching the shop grow and our team facing challenges head on and coming out with a greater knowledge and understanding of the world around us.


We had some longtime friends visit all the way from NY soon after Thanksgiving. It was great showing the town and the culinary scene. We finally had a chance to check out Ocotillo and weren’t disappointed. The drinks were delicious, portions monstrous, and food was delectable. I can’t wait to have a reason to go back although their relaxed bar area makes me think I don’t need a reason to show up and have another go.


Despite a severe lack of all things cold and fluffy this winter we headed up to Wolf Creek for a few days of skiing. They received a foot a few days before we arrived and received a few inches each night between. The conditions wound up being better than expected and the weather was fantastic. It has been awesome watching Emily learn to ski! She is now headed down blue groomers with confidence and does a great job keeping up.


The few days of rest between the holidays and the new year were unfortunately the few days I managed to get a sinus infection. I’m feeling better now that were into the new year and looking forward to whatever is about to unfold. We’re looking into expanding out stock and selection by adding 2-3 new brands in the early months of the year. We will also be expanding the insurances we accept as panels open up throughout the new year. We look forward to seeing you all!