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Field Trip

Field Trip

Its been rainy week to say the least. Between the whipping winds and flash flooding we’ve made it through without incident. Plenty of trees downtown may be a bit worse for the wear but fortunately there were no delays in construction and we are still on schedule. Staffing is the current task as well as finishing up eyewear orders. I’m doing my best wearing my hiring manager hat and so far we’ve had some great luck with some amazing candidates. Later today I will introduce you to our amazing front of house coordinator, Alaina.

One exciting part of last week was our visit to Ezra Arthur – Hand made leather goods from a quartet of brothers right here in downtown Phoenix. Considering I biked there to pick up our products – this is as local as local gets. I had the opportunity to speak with the proprietors about the products, the production, and state of downtown. I’m in love with the products and the story behind them and am excited to bring them to you. Expect some collaborations in the future!