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Team Work

Team Work

The more time I spend working towards opening the more I realize that it truly is team work that propels us forwards. Between our architect, construction crew, IT, equipment etc., my other half Emily has been there supporting me and keeping me on track.¬†We’ve been crushing our tight deadlines and staying on target throughout this project thanks to team work. At the end of this week all of the electrical, plumbing, and low voltage cabling will be complete and the construction crew will start with drywall. We continue to select frame manufactures which we think will fit nicely into the downtown environment and will keep you looking as great as you see! We are just about done with insurance credentialing and will be taking all major vision and healthcare plans.

I had the pleasure of spending this last weekend in New York watching some of Emily and I’s great friends tie the knot. Its always a humbling experience to have the privilege to be surrounded by such happiness and beauty. ¬†During this whole ordeal we have also taken the leap and moved downtown! I am ecstatic to say we are now in the historic F.Q. Story Neighborhood, just a block from the dog park and finally have a back yard for the puppers! I’m not sure if whether which of us is enjoying it more but I love being able to bike to and around downtown. I can’t wait to be able to bike to work once the weather cools down.

I feel lucky to have had a lot of people reach out to me from around the community recently. It is great to connect to future friends, patients, local businesses, etc., so keep it coming! We work diligently to stay active on social media and our website and love talking to member of the community. We always welcome advice and criticism and strive to be the best we can be.

We look forward to hearing from you!