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Palm Trees and Cactus Lights

Palm Trees and Cactus Lights

What a calm and unproductive month for Urban Eyecare…. Said no one ever! We continue to evolve on a daily basis as we rapidly develop our patient base and cater to specific and individual needs. Every situation good or bad leads to at the least, us learning to better prepare for the future. A big sticking point this month in our practice was online reviews. We’ve received accolades from many patients but we’ve come to realize that we can’t make everybody happy every time no matter the situation. We absolutely try our best to accommodate all requests, big and small, and truly aim for 100% customer satisfaction. No matter how far you are willing to bend some folks will never be happy and its unfortunate but its the truth. On that note – We love reviews, good and bad, as they help steer us to be a better practice.

November brought us a fantastic crew from ASU who stopped in and setup a photoshoot feature a model and our products. The results were nothing short of fantastic and I can’t wait to share the photos over the course of the next few months. Another student from GSU stopped by and did some work on individual product shots which all turned out great. We love the community support and interaction. We will continue to share all these photos through social media through the new year. We had multiple trainings throughout the month with various vendors to help bring you the latest and greatest in products and technology. We do have a few standouts!

Nordic Naturals Omega 3 formulation is in my opinion the best current fish oil supplement on the markets. ProOmega2000 provides 1125mg EPA and 875mg DHA in a highly concentrated triglyceride form that absorbs at a much higher rate than less expensive formations providing fatty acids only in ester forms which are not naturally occurring and more difficult for the body to absorb.

Macuhealth macular supplement is our current recommendation for not only patients suffering from macular degeneration but also for healthy individuals looking to protect their retinas and increase overall ocular performance. Current AREDS2 formulations of macular supplements contains Zinc which has the potential to lead to lead to prostate cancer if consumed in excess. To avoid potential interactions with other medications and to serve our health population I have chosen a supplement that only contains Meso-zeoanthin, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin. This formulation has been clinically proven to increase macular pigment density in both healthy and diseased eyes and can potentially help increase visual performance.

My parents came the Phoenix to visit me this Thanksgiving which has become a yearly tradition. We had a wonderful dinner with Emily’s family. We chose to #optoutside and went to Sedona this year for some post-turkey hiking and relaxation. We spend a few days relaxing prior to coming back into town for our first ever Winter Pop-up market in front of the shop for First Friday. We had a great time thanks to our vendors, Love and Solder, Rubymint General and Cactus birds. We gave out hot chocolate and had a raffle for 2 $50 gift certificates.

A local artist, Ize, debuted a solo show created especially for Urban Eyecare. The final pieces are currently being displayed and will be available for purchase for the next couple of months. Stop by and check out some of his amazing work, pick up some stickers, and show Ize some love! We hope you are as enamored with the work as we are.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are gearing up for year end, expanding frame lines, and making the most out of this overly warm December. We hope to see you soon!