Specialty Contact Lenses

   Rigid gas permeable contact lenses work by creating a new smooth optical surface for light to travel through, often masking corneal irregularities leading to poor quality vision or reduced acuity. Urban Eyecare offers a variety of custom soft and hard lenses designed to treat many different ocular conditions. 

   Medically necessary contact lenses are often covered in full by vision insurance for a variety of ocular conditions. patients are first evaluated in office with a comprehensive examination to determine the cause of decreased vision.  The doctor will assess each individuals visual demands, goals, and determine the potential outcome of a medically necessary lens fitting. We use digital waveform corneal topography to create a map of each cornea to aid in fitting and determine the best lens for each individual. The doctor will assess multiple lenses on each patient and make necessary changes prior to ordering a custom designed option for best fitment and vision. 



Lenses Availability

  • Corneal rigid gas permeable

  • mini-scleral

  • scleral lenses

  • Soft prosthetics

  • Black-backed soft lenses

  • Euclid systems corneal reshaping technology

  • most lens designs can be ordered for in office fitting

  • custom lenses by request (call for eval)



  • Anisometropia (large difference in Rx between eyes)

  • High ametropia (+/- 10D Rx)

  • Keratoconus

  • Corneal Ectasia

  • Visual improvement (>2 lines over glasses)

  • Aphakia

  • Aniseikonia 

  • Aniridia

  • Irregular Astigmatism (>2 lines improvement)

  • Nystagmus

  • Corneal transplant

  • Corneal Dystrophy

  • Achromatopsia

  • Albinism

  • Aniridia

  • Anisocoria or polycoria pupil abnormality