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Online Glasses Maintenance Plan

Online Glasses Maintenance Plan

I personally do a large amount of my shopping online, whether for clothing, accessories, or electronics and for many different reasons whether it be price, selection, or other factors. While we invest a lot of reserouces into our optical products and the services we offer with them we understand that subsection of patients will always continue to order glasses online. We set our prices to be the lowest possible while offering the level of concierge service we provide. Unfortunately we’ve seen a huge increase in the amount of prescription checks due to some of these online orders being of poor quality, incorrect Rx’s being filled, poor fitting frames, etc. We are introducing a new maintenance plan for optical products offered elsewhere. The Urban Eyecare Optical Maintainence plan includes:

·     Pupillary Distance (PD) measurements prior to purchasing

·     Prescription and PD/seg height measurement verification

·     Fit frame to your face and continued adjustments

·     Minor repairs for 1 year

·     Cloth, cleaner, and refills for 1 year

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, we look forward to continue serving all of your eyecare needs in Phoenix and beyond!