lens fitting


Soft Lenses

All fittings being with a complete ocular heath evaluation to determine if wear is appropriate. Once lens type has been determined a detailed tear film analysis is conducted to analyze for the correct modality of lens wear. Once a lens has been selected you will be fit in office by the doctor. New to lens wear? Insertion and removal training as well a safe handling and lens wear technique is included with every fit. All fit fees include followup. 

Daily and monthly lenses are available in both single vision spherical, toric, and multifocal applications. We are proud to feature Cooper Vision brand soft contact lenses. Love your current lenses and just need a small update? Come to your appointment wearing your current Rx and bring in your prescription and we would be glad to update your current prescription. 


hard lenses

We offer a wide range of custom gas permeable lens options from standard spherical lenses to complete custom scleral lenses and everything in between. Medically necessary gas permeable lenses can be used to treat various corneal conditions such as keratoconus and irregular astigmatism secondary to procedures such as LASIK and radial keratectomy. Theses lenses are often covered by insurance.



Similar to LASIK in that the central cornea is flattened to reduce near-sightedness, Ortho-K provides a temporary solution that can be continually be updated over the years to help maintain your perfect vision without surgical correction. Retainer like lenses are worn over night and clear vision is maintained throughout the day without lens wear. Great for patients of all ages, whether suffering from daytime dry eye in your current contact lenses or finding your vision to be inadequate in your current soft lenses for sport? Call today to schedule your personalized consultation.