Contact lens

Urban Eye Care offers multiple modalities of contact lens wear ranging from daily contact lenses to custom one off specialty lenses to treat various corneal conditions. We stock lenses in all the various categories including the newest in daily and monthly soft lens technology. Through the use of computerized topography we are able to perfect the perfect fit and vision for all life visual demands.

  • Spherical and toric                
  • Daily and monthly lenses
  • Single vision and multifocal


Like a retainer for your eyes, Ortho-K uses a hyper-osmotic gas permeable contact lens to flatten the central cornea and sharpen your vision. Similar to LASIK in terms of method for decreasing near-signedness, the central cornea becomes flatter with routine wear. Over the course of about 1 week you can achieve great vision without glasses or day time contact lenses. Unlike laser surgery, the prescription can be tweaked as needed to continue to sharpen vision throughout your wear period. Fantastic for those suffering from dry eye. Call today to schedule your consultation.