Monsoon Season

I feel that we are way overdue for an update. It has been a wild couple of weeks to say the least. Paint is on the walls and starting next week cabinetry will be installed followed by flooring and equipment install. We are (fingers crossed) looking to enter the space on the 31st and have a soft opening soon after. My weeks have been full of working with vendors to deliver you the best and most unique products around. I have spent copious amounts of time scouring for the latest and greatest in independent eyewear that you can’t find elsewhere in AZ. From eco-chic to hand made luxury and every in between, we’re sure to have something to fit your style. Fortunately, we are getting down to the little details; the stuff you wake up at 4am thinking about. Its more than I ever imagined and equally as fulfilling as draining. I might as well just start a lab at Lola’s with all the coffee I’ve been drinking. My goal is to provide you with a perfectly curated patient experience. It will absolutely take some trial and error but rest assured, we are learning and working hard to improve. Every experience – good or bad, is an opportunity to grow.


We are currently in the process of hiring staff. I am working hard to create a positive work environment where employees want to be. I’d like to create an environment where I would like to work, pay my staff a living wage, work reasonable hours, share responsibilities. I don’t have much management experience but like everything else this is a learning experience. If I read enough inspirational quotes on Instagram I should be a born leader – right? Anyway, I’m excited for our first signed staff member, optician Hillary Foulk. An Arizona native (THEY DO EXIST!) with both commercial and private practice experience, a holistic approach to life, and a free spirit I have no questions that she will be a great addition to the practice and I can’t wait to share her with you all.