Lift Off!

As we reach the middle of May we have hit some new mile stones. I am glad to say that we have selected a contractor for our build out which should start in the upcoming weeks. Insurance credentialing is going as smoothly as it can, but we have added multiple carriers in the last weekend plan to continue expansion to be able to serve our patients. Currently we are working on curating our eye wear collection to bring you the latest and greatest in quality glasses and sun wear. Our goal is to provide a mix of independent and well known brands to satisfy all needs and budgets. In the coming weeks as construction commences we will finalize our IT systems and begin assembly and installation. We are working towards a fully digital office to reduce wasted paper and use only recycled paper when possible to reduce our carbon foot print. 

I just want to reach out and thank everybody who has taken the time to check out our website, social media, and Facebook as well as to thank those that have personally reached out to me. Without the support of friends, family, and the community, none of this would be possible. So thank you all! I look forward to posting some progress pictures as the build commences.