Sweatshirt Weather

I should really stop starting these off by telling you how crazy of a week, day, month, year, etc. it’s been.  You already know this. One thing that I don’t say enough is how fun this entire process has been. It really is amazing. I’m constantly learning, constantly meeting new people, and constantly working to improve and create what I envision in my mind is the perfect practice. These last couple of weeks have certainly been no exception.


We come home day to find a small note on our door inviting us to a Diwali party a few houses down from our current home. As with all things – straight to google! What is Diwali? Who are these neighbors? We’ve lived in apartments for the last decade+ and I don’t think I’ve ever known a neighbors name. We’re here in this new neighborhood for just a few months and absolute strangers are opening up their homes and willing to share their culture? COUNT ME IN! We had a great time meeting our neighbors and other Phoenicians, having some absolutely delicious food, and of course a tad bit of partying. Were enthralled to be part of such a warm and inviting community.


Through social media, a ASU based photographer reached out to me expressing how much he liked the aesthetic of the practice and the visuals we convey.  After some talking and learning about one another and what we do he offered to take some product photos as well as help with digital marketing.  I am thankful for the help and excited to see what our digital future looks like under the care of some of ASU finest.


Music is a beautiful thing. Like smells, it can bring you back to specific time, a specific moment, a specific feeling. All it takes is a couple strums on a guitar or one placated verse. In my life – I view music as inversely proportional. In the early days of internet music, the Napster days, we spent all day downloading grainy 96bitrate songs, hitting play every 10 mintues to attempt to hear the next verse. Once we built up that collection we burned it all to CDs and spend all day and all night listening, obsessing, singing, and hoping to catch a show. Schools such a timesuck. Not in a bad way, just in a way that doesn’t allow you to sit there obsessing over every word of a song. Day in, day out. Fast forward to todays digital of streaming; setting and forgetting. Spotify knows what I want to listen to, knows what I want to hear next, and allows me to do it all without ever picking a song, knowing the band, or digging deeper. It’s a great and terrible all at the same time but I am making it a point that once I have more free time I will dive deeper and fall in love again with music. In the meantime – I skipped out of work and closed early on Saturday to catch the NoFx Punk in Drublic tour @ Fear Farm. This may be the single biggest grouping of bands I was obsessed with in my teenage years in one place. And do you know what? IT WAS AWESOME! NoFx, Goldfinger, Bad Religion, Guttermouth. Those are the songs that drop me right back into HS study hall, a camp bus, and other awkward teenage life points. None the less, it was wonderful. I highly recommend catching every musician you were obsessed with when younger. The music scene in Phoenix is awesome.


Lastly, but certainly not the least – we got to check out Phoenix Zine Fest. Zine, pronounced “zeen”, as in magazine, is a small self published magazine. This was a great chance to get out and check out some local and not so local art. Tons of great reads and images all within a venue that is fantastic in itself (Unexpected Art Gallery). We had the chance to make a collage. Now that the weathers gone from no shirt to sweatshirt I truly hope to explore all I can around the city this fall.


As always, were here for you. Cranking the tunes and framing your beautiful face 6 days a week. Stop by and check out a local poetry Zine sometime.