Etnia Barcelona

We are happy to bring you our newest collection, Etnia Barcelona. Straight from Spain, Etnia Barcelona offers a wide range of vivid colors and eye-catching patterns in natural cellulose acetate and titanium. Sun lenses are made of mineral glass offering a wide range of lenses including polarized photochromic options for ultimate comfort and versatility. We were instantly attracted to the vibrant colors which really embody both Spain and the fiery sunsets Arziona. This collection truly embodies the creative culture and individuality we aim to support throughout downtown and beyond. 


Stop in anytime Monday through Friday to check out the latest from Etnia and all our brands as we restock for summer!


March has been a continuation of a great week, month, day, year… I hate to stay it all starts to blend together but at this point 2018 feels like a giant blur as we ride the momentum into spring. Its been fun month starting with restyling out own team. Kim is rocking out in her new grey tort Article Ones with an Essilor X Progressive and Sapphire 360 coating for all day comfortable vision in one pair of glasses while Alaina is going big and bold in a Smoke and Mirrors crystal red frame with Essilor Eyzen tech and Sapphire 360 coatings. Stop in to check out their new looks as well as discuss their experience with the latest and greatest from Essilor.


One great aspect of being downtown is that we’re seeing an uptick in our clinic of same day red eye and emergency appointments. We have the ability in office to treat anything from corneal abrasions to contact lens complications, infections, and so forth. We take BCBS for medical currently while also offering affordable prices for those without medical coverage. While a large portion of our practice is optical, we certainly see a fair bit of medical as well. I enjoy how we have a balance of both problem free patients looking for new eyewear as well as those that require a bit of medical attention.


We had the chance to flex our creative muscles a bit for fantastic patient who recently moved from Portland and was looking for an optometrist similar to where she was being seen in Portland. We fortunately fit the bill of modern optical, independent eyewear, and complete eyecare. We were excited to not only help this patient into new glasses and sunwear, but also into new contact lenses and help with a new allergy to Arizona. All said and done we tackled the allergy, eyewear needs, and produced one of my favorite sun lenses to date! Check it out be low for the gorgeous pink gradient. We will be pushing more into the complete custom lens game this coming summer and can’t wait to share the results with you.


March has also been great socially for myself and my family. We had the opportunity to check out Devoured for the first time during its inaugural event at the Desert Botanical Gardens. I couldn’t be more excited to check out what some of our favorite restaurants brought to the table as well as others that we don’t currently eat at. We definitely found some new gems and come end of day, our favorite bite came from Worth Takeaway from Mesa. No doubt, my favorite sandwich shop in AZ. McDowell Mountain Music Festival was fun as always. Theres nothing like walking from your house with a blanket, plopping down in the middle of Hance park with a beer and your friends and relaxing to some music. One of my favorite days to be living downtown for sure.


March reminds me that there will always be ups and downs in life and business. We’re racing through another month and beyond excited to bring in some new products, spring/summer releases, and launch our newest brand – Article One. This brings me back to our roots and why we are where we are. We are here to bring you premium handpicked eyewear, offer premium products, and stand behind our work. I take great pride in what we are accomplishing here. I stand behind our work 100%. Cheers to another month!



Lenses on Lenses on Lenses

We’ve had such an amazing February filled with new eyewear and amazing patients. Its been great networking and building new relationships downtown with both individuals and businesses. I had the opportunity to attend the opening party for STC Health in the warehouse district. It’s great to see the development going on all throughout the downtown area and we are proud and excited to be serving this community with quality care and independent eyewear.


We had the opportunity to develop our specialty contact lens practice this month especially fitting a soft prosthetic, an Orhto-K vision shaping lens, and in the process of fitting mini-sclerals for pulucid marginal degeneration. I am a huge fan of ortho-k and also a wearer my self. It is a great non-permanent alternative to LASIK that is adaptable over time and isn’t effected by dry eyes. In fact, it a great solution for dry eye myopes that have issues wearing soft lenses in the desert! I had a great time fitting a soft prosthetic on a young lady who wanted to look great for pictures at her sister’s wedding. Her previous doctor used an inferior quality lenses that was falling apparat as well as did a poor job matching her beautiful dark brown iris color. Its amazing how such a small object and have such an impact on a person’s appearance and give somebody such confidence. We’re glad to be able to provide this service for our patients.


We’re always searching for new frame lines and products and as we move a couple of our older lines to the side to make room for new styles. I’m especially excited for a new line we’ll be taking in next month that has a strong altruistic background in helping children see in rural communities. This fits in perfectly with the messages sent by some of our other lines such as Eco and Modo who plant trees and provide children with glasses respectively. I like having the ability to pick our lines not just based on their products but based on what they are doing to give back to the community.


We’re finally all stocked up on products for the upcoming quarter. We’ve restocked our vitamin selection in including high quality Omega 3 products and MacuHealth macular vitamins. We’ve recently added Allergan dry eye products to our shelves and you can now pick up your artificial tears and lid scrubs directly from us at the time of your exam.


I’m super excited for McDowell Mountain Music Festival this weekend! Its always such a great time with a wonderful lineup benefiting the city. We’re glad to have signed up as a corporate sponsor for the Phoenix Mural Project and their event happening on RoRo in May. Be on the lookout for more information on this event as we get closer. As always, were here for you and the community. Stop by to say Hi, pick up some new frames, and schedule your exam today! We look forward to making you part of the Urban Eyecare Fam!




Twenty Eighteen

January in Arizona is a much different experience than that of my childhood. January in New York usually meant ice cold mornings, silent nights, blizzards, snow plows, mittens, and red noses. Arizonian winters evoke much more of an umbrella drink and swimtrunk vibe. At the very least it gives me the opportunity test-drive some beautiful new sunglasses prior to picking up any new brands. Speaking of new brands, we had the opportunity to bring in a swoon worthy Italian brand called Retro Superfuture. Unique modern takes on classic heritage styles, handmade in Italy, Zeiss lenses, and undoubtedly cool. We are both happy and proud to be fitting these glasses and look forward to many years of unique designs to come. 

January has been pretty mellow which is actually great. It has given us time to regroup, address issues and create solutions. We continue to grow month over month and can't help but love our patients as much as they love us. Downtown continues to grow and continually change. We welcomed Quicken Loans to our building this month and look forward to building great relationships within the company. The next few months will be spent analyzing heritage and heirloom eyewear brands to find the best fit for our patient base. We are always working to bring the latest in trends and styles while still preserving, if not amplifying quality and service. 

While I don't necessarily believe in new year resolutions I do tend to hold my self accountable and found my self to be slacking as we charged into 2018. Sitting back, theres no shortage of factors that have slowed me down but I'm stepping into 2018 with my best foot forwards and stripping my self of excuses. I changed gyms to a place I felt a bit more at home and have found it much easier to make my way over before or after work. I have been working diligently on my running and have been consistent with sub 7:30 miles which is a huge improvement from last year where I stayed steady at an 8 minute mile. Theres this moment, a place, a feeling, you hit mentally when you are in the zone, at your peak, pushing through. Its in these moments of clarity I find a calmness. Similar to first runs after a blizzard, on a mountain top, in a cold silence. Its these moments that propels us forward. Watch out 2018 - Here we come.  

New Year - New Beginnings

December has been our busiest month to date. All the training and practice has paid off we we cruised through the month without a hitch. Its been wonderful watching the shop grow and our team facing challenges head on and coming out with a greater knowledge and understanding of the world around us. 

We had some longtime friends visit all the way from NY soon after Thanksgiving. It was great showing the town and the culinary scene. We finally had a chance to check out Ocotillo and weren't disappointed. The drinks were delicious, portions monstrous, and food was delectable. I can't wait to have a reason to go back although their relaxed bar area makes me think I don't need a reason to show up and have another go. 

Despite a severe lack of all things cold and fluffy this winter we headed up to Wolf Creek for a few days of skiing. They received a foot a few days before we arrived and received a few inches each night between. The conditions wound up being better than expected and the weather was fantastic. It has been awesome watching Emily learn to ski! She is now headed down blue groomers with confidence and does a great job keeping up. 

The few days of rest between the holidays and the new year were unfortunately the few days I managed to get a sinus infection. I'm feeling better now that were into the new year and looking forward to whatever is about to unfold. We're looking into expanding out stock and selection by adding 2-3 new brands in the early months of the year. We will also be expanding the insurances we accept as panels open up throughout the new year. We look forward to seeing you all! 



Meet The Artist: Ize


   Bio:  I go by the name Ize, pronounced as eyes. The reason I chose that name was because I see art as a very visual subject. We use our eyes to see and in vision things. It made the perfect fit for my name. The circle around my name imitates the shape of an eye. Ize is also a suffix meaning to create; I use my ideas, thoughts, and hands to create art. I was born in Mexico but I have lived most of my life in Phoenix, Arizona. Art has always been a huge part of my life. Ever since I was a kid I was always busy drawing or painting.  I didn’t care much for other subjects unless some form of music, fashion, and film were intertwined with it. Art was the only thing that fed my soul it’s happiness that it was missing. I took a few art classes in high school but I was never given the opportunity of being formerly taught. I have been seriously painting for a little over 12 years now. I learned to draw with charcoal, paint with acrylic, watercolors, oils, pastels, and spray paint. As my medium I mainly work with spray paint and acrylics now.  My paintings are a mixture of politics, celebrity’s, models, fashion, movies, music or anything I find interesting. The dots that are consistent throughout my pieces are there to incorporate the circular shape of the human just like the signature circle around my name. My work is intended for everyone, but I truly want to inspire other people to follow their dreams and feed their soul the happiness it deserves. I was told that there is no future in making art and if so I was unlike to be one that would make it. I strive every day to push myself harder and to one day say that I could do what is passionately love, all while giving back to the art community. I volunteer my free time at the art museum whenever possible.


What drew us to Ize was his graffiti style combined with a pop art feel and exuberant use of color. Stop by to check out Ize's newest work. Pieces will be on display and available for purchase into the new year. We are also stocked up on FREE STICKERS! Come on by Monday-Saturday any time. 

Palm Trees and Cactus Lights

What a calm and unproductive month for Urban Eyecare.... Said no one ever! We continue to evolve on a daily basis as we rapidly develop our patient base and cater to specific and individual needs. Every situation good or bad leads to at the least, us learning to better prepare for the future. A big sticking point this month in our practice was online reviews. We've received accolades from many patients but we've come to realize that we can't make everybody happy every time no matter the situation. We absolutely try our best to accommodate all requests, big and small, and truly aim for 100% customer satisfaction. No matter how far you are willing to bend some folks will never be happy and its unfortunate but its the truth. On that note - We love reviews, good and bad, as they help steer us to be a better practice. 

November brought us a fantastic crew from ASU who stopped in and setup a photoshoot feature a model and our products. The results were nothing short of fantastic and I can't wait to share the photos over the course of the next few months. Another student from GSU stopped by and did some work on individual product shots which all turned out great. We love the community support and interaction. We will continue to share all these photos through social media through the new year. We had multiple trainings throughout the month with various vendors to help bring you the latest and greatest in products and technology. We do have a few standouts! 

Nordic Naturals Omega 3 formulation is in my opinion the best current fish oil supplement on the markets. ProOmega2000 provides 1125mg EPA and 875mg DHA in a highly concentrated triglyceride form that absorbs at a much higher rate than less expensive formations providing fatty acids only in ester forms which are not naturally occurring and more difficult for the body to absorb. 

Macuhealth macular supplement is our current recommendation for not only patients suffering from macular degeneration but also for healthy individuals looking to protect their retinas and increase overall ocular performance. Current AREDS2 formulations of macular supplements contains Zinc which has the potential to lead to lead to prostate cancer if consumed in excess. To avoid potential interactions with other medications and to serve our health population I have chosen a supplement that only contains Meso-zeoanthin, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin. This formulation has been clinically proven to increase macular pigment density in both healthy and diseased eyes and can potentially help increase visual performance. 

My parents came the Phoenix to visit me this Thanksgiving which has become a yearly tradition. We had a wonderful dinner with Emily's family. We chose to #optoutside and went to Sedona this year for some post-turkey hiking and relaxation. We spend a few days relaxing prior to coming back into town for our first ever Winter Pop-up market in front of the shop for First Friday. We had a great time thanks to our vendors, Love and Solder, Rubymint General and Cactus birds. We gave out hot chocolate and had a raffle for 2 $50 gift certificates. 

A local artist, Ize, debuted a solo show created especially for Urban Eyecare. The final pieces are currently being displayed and will be available for purchase for the next couple of months. Stop by and check out some of his amazing work, pick up some stickers, and show Ize some love! We hope you are as enamored with the work as we are. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are gearing up for year end, expanding frame lines, and making the most out of this overly warm December. We hope to see you soon!

Sweatshirt Weather

I should really stop starting these off by telling you how crazy of a week, day, month, year, etc. it’s been.  You already know this. One thing that I don’t say enough is how fun this entire process has been. It really is amazing. I’m constantly learning, constantly meeting new people, and constantly working to improve and create what I envision in my mind is the perfect practice. These last couple of weeks have certainly been no exception.


We come home day to find a small note on our door inviting us to a Diwali party a few houses down from our current home. As with all things – straight to google! What is Diwali? Who are these neighbors? We’ve lived in apartments for the last decade+ and I don’t think I’ve ever known a neighbors name. We’re here in this new neighborhood for just a few months and absolute strangers are opening up their homes and willing to share their culture? COUNT ME IN! We had a great time meeting our neighbors and other Phoenicians, having some absolutely delicious food, and of course a tad bit of partying. Were enthralled to be part of such a warm and inviting community.


Through social media, a ASU based photographer reached out to me expressing how much he liked the aesthetic of the practice and the visuals we convey.  After some talking and learning about one another and what we do he offered to take some product photos as well as help with digital marketing.  I am thankful for the help and excited to see what our digital future looks like under the care of some of ASU finest.


Music is a beautiful thing. Like smells, it can bring you back to specific time, a specific moment, a specific feeling. All it takes is a couple strums on a guitar or one placated verse. In my life – I view music as inversely proportional. In the early days of internet music, the Napster days, we spent all day downloading grainy 96bitrate songs, hitting play every 10 mintues to attempt to hear the next verse. Once we built up that collection we burned it all to CDs and spend all day and all night listening, obsessing, singing, and hoping to catch a show. Schools such a timesuck. Not in a bad way, just in a way that doesn’t allow you to sit there obsessing over every word of a song. Day in, day out. Fast forward to todays digital of streaming; setting and forgetting. Spotify knows what I want to listen to, knows what I want to hear next, and allows me to do it all without ever picking a song, knowing the band, or digging deeper. It’s a great and terrible all at the same time but I am making it a point that once I have more free time I will dive deeper and fall in love again with music. In the meantime – I skipped out of work and closed early on Saturday to catch the NoFx Punk in Drublic tour @ Fear Farm. This may be the single biggest grouping of bands I was obsessed with in my teenage years in one place. And do you know what? IT WAS AWESOME! NoFx, Goldfinger, Bad Religion, Guttermouth. Those are the songs that drop me right back into HS study hall, a camp bus, and other awkward teenage life points. None the less, it was wonderful. I highly recommend catching every musician you were obsessed with when younger. The music scene in Phoenix is awesome.


Lastly, but certainly not the least – we got to check out Phoenix Zine Fest. Zine, pronounced “zeen”, as in magazine, is a small self published magazine. This was a great chance to get out and check out some local and not so local art. Tons of great reads and images all within a venue that is fantastic in itself (Unexpected Art Gallery). We had the chance to make a collage. Now that the weathers gone from no shirt to sweatshirt I truly hope to explore all I can around the city this fall.


As always, were here for you. Cranking the tunes and framing your beautiful face 6 days a week. Stop by and check out a local poetry Zine sometime. 




That One Week of Fall

Its been a wild month for sure. Every day is full of hard work and excitement. The constant almost daily evolution of both the business and medical side of the practice have been awesome. We're meeting tons of folk who work and live downtown and are starting to see personal referrals from previous patients. A few good google reviews and positive remarks from customers and patients are enough to keep us going. Kim and Alaina are fantastic and taking care of business in the front office like its in their blood. 

Personally I left my second job in search of greener pastures which I believe I have found. I'll continue working with geriatric populations in a traveling capacity at care centers. I am excited to start this new chapter and see what else is out there as I've been at the same practice since residency. Me and Emily took a trip to Flagstaff over her fall break to attempt to catch the fall leaves. We were about a week late but it was still a great hike with beautiful weather and surroundings.Barkley the Lab had the greatest time of all and we've got the pictures to prove that. 

We are going to work with a photographer this coming month to better showcase our brand and products. Were hoping to put together a market as well in front of the shop to showcase some sunwear as well as other small local merchants in the Phoenix area. Expect some music, wine, and light snacks to accompany the festivities. Now that the weather is absolutely beautiful we can't wait to share our adventures. 

As always, we are here for you - Give us a call or stop on by!




It has been exactly one month since my last post (to the day, actually). If you’ve been following along you can guess how busy and wild of a month it has been due to my lack of activity. It has been a whirlwind of triumph and tribulation to say the least. The weather is cooling down and my biking all over downtown feels a bit more appropriate – or at least Emily makes less comments when it’s under 100 and I want to bike to the farmer’s market.


There has been so much going on that I literally don’t even know where to start. This is a first for me. Not just a first business, not just a first practice, not just a first optical – literally EVERYTHING is a first. I spend the days excited about the things I do and the nights worrying about the things I did. The community has been absolutely amazing, inviting, loving, and supportive. They say you should see about 1 patient per day per month you are open and we had 5 appointments yesterday at the end of week 3. I would say that everything is going as well as it could be.


Business. That’s a whole other beast. I’m learning the ins and outs. The dos and the do nots. From understanding forms from the corporate commission to payroll processing and taxes. That’s the less glamorous side but none the less equally as or more important than what we consider fun. We have gone through some staffing changes. I’ve learned some valuable lessons on hiring that you can only learn from experience. Fortunately that has morphed into a fabulous staff! Our optician and front of house staff are both fantastic. Kim, our optician, brings close to 20 years of experience in commercial and private practice and is an absolute wealth of knowledge. Alaina, our front of house coordinator is charming, eager, and a quick study. Together the UEC team has become something I am proud of.


Construction is 95% complete. We’re ironing out the final details, correcting problems, and generally working on wrapping up. Construction happens prior to the start of the day or after we close. It has been going well but I’m excited for the final details to be completed and to finally be 100% functional. What I have found to be most challenging in the whole process is that If there a problem it’s my problem, my solution. I do love being immersed and do like to be involved with all aspects. I believe as an owner you need to be present to make positive changes. One of the main reasons I opened this practice is because it drove me crazy watching problems at other practices continue and fester rather than be corrected, low morale, and a general lack of pride. That’s not the type of business I want to be a part of. That is why we exist.


I stand here committed to the community, committed to the practice, my staff, my family. We will continue to learn, to grow, and to bring healthcare to downtown. We will continue to bring you unique eyewear and a great patient experience. Call us, text us, email us – Were here for you!

Europe - The Final Countdown (1986)

I think this is the longest we've gone without an update. Shame on me! It’s been a whirlwind ofa month but I am glad to say we are (mostly) on track and will be opening this coming Monday come hell or high water. We’ve been done with construction for a week or so now and are down to polishing the final details. Unfortunately it’s the final details that really take the most time as we begin moving forward and changing the space from a construction site to a doctor’s office. With any new construction there is an insane amount of dust – so it feels like every other day in Phoenix in here. We are diligently working to bring and maintain a level of sterility beyond what one finds in their average carpeted waiting room of the sniffle and sneeze covered fabric furniture (maybe that’s where the smell comes from?).


We have hired our entire staff and we are into the second week of training. Having done this for years I tend to forget that what I think is common knowledge – isn’t. With a wonderful plan laid out in conjunction with our fantastic consultants, training has been going smoothly. There are many facets required to run a practice successfully and nothing beats the hands on training that will occur once we open our doors for our soft openings. We can teach how to use the computer software, how to interact with patients, all about ocular anatomy and physiology, etc. but until YOU walk through the door – its just practice. I will apologize right now for our lack of initial appointments as we are spacing them out in a way that allows us attentively work with each patient to provide a great experience, as well as stop and correct any issues which may arise in the early stages.


I was having a great time working with all our current frame vendors to bring you our initial offering of various collections. Currently we have about 70% of what we will call our final inventory. Once we see what moves and what doesn’t we will stock more of what our patients are interested in. I am proud to say that of all 10 brands, only 2 can be found elsewhere in AZ. We are the exclusive retailer of almost all the frame lines we carry currently. We have also worked diligently to provide 2 great deals for those without insurance. $150 Vernon Gantry single vision polycarbonate with antireflective coating out the door. $175 Classic Specs with single vision polycarbonate and anti-reflective out the door. Why purchase online where even if you get a good deal on frames you’re likely getting a terribly low quality lens. We’ll fit, adjust, clean, fix, warranty, etc. frames purchased from us. We also won’t pretend that single vision plastic lenses cost $200. WARNING: Plastic (CR-39) shatters when struck – It is absolutely not to be given to minors should be avoided in lieu of safer materials. Beware when purchasing online.


We had a small get-together at the shop last week to show our closest friends and family what all the fuss is about. Sitting here at our reception desk typing this is the culmination of years of dreaming – 1.5 years of planning – 4 months of construction – innumerable 3am/ceiling staring/night sweating/heart pounding moments. I was beyond excited to show my parents the final product of all this craziness and every more excited that they loved it. A similar sentiment was shared by all who took the time to visit, check out some sweet frames, and have a drink.


On that note, I am bursting with excitement and can’t wait to unveil the whole office to the public. We will begin seeing patients on August 28th with a reduced schedule. Appointments can be made now over the phone/ text at (602) 288 7227 or requested online. Once our computer system is fully up and running you will be able to completely schedule directly through the website. Why compromise for eye care? Come check out the only office in Phoenix with a hospital residency trained optometrist AND completely independent and eclectic eyewear!

Downtown Small Business Community Initiative

I am proud to announce a project that we’ve been working on and finally rolled out this past weekend. We have titled it the Downtown Small Business Community Initiative. As a small business we understand the difficulties of hiring and retaining employees. With health care being exorbitantly expensive and cost prohibitive we feel the strain of being unable to offer health insurance to employees ourselves. Due to this difficulty we have created the Downtown Small Business Community Initiative as a way for employers to offer a health benefit – discounted eye care services and products – at no cost to the employee or employer. This works as a straight discount percentage across a broad range of eyecare services, ophthalmic products and discounts across a range of non-prescribed ophthalmic products. With signup we offer pamphlets outlining benefit and services available to be distributed to employees. We hope this in some way makes acquiring high quality employees at least slightly easier as well as easing the burden of cost of health care on employees of downtown small businesses. Its free to sign up for small independent business in downtown Phoenix, just email to request further information or sign up.


We took a stay-cation last weekend to the AZ Biltmore to celebrate my birthday and to make sure these new sunglass brands are up to pool party standards. The Biltmore is by far one my favorite places in Arizona. The architecture and manicured gardens are some of the prettiest in the state, the service is impeccable, and I can’t wait to check out the new renovations when the lobby reopens! Unfortunately the monsoon came rolling in by the time I got to my camera but we were fortunate enough for a couple nice relaxing days at the pool. We hope you're enjoying the rain and humidity! 



Song of the day: Rainbow Kitten Surprise - Devil Like Me

Brand Spotlight: L.G.R.

I would like to introduce you to an emerging Italian brand making its way to US. Inspired by colonial period sunglasses, imported to Africa from Italy at the turn of the century by creator Luca Ruscone's grandfather. L.G.R combines the adventure of Africa with the glamour of the Riviera. The eyewear is entirely handmade in Italy by three artisanal families from start to finish, using traditional methods. L.G.R eyewear is created with the concept of an everlasting object intended to accompany the traveller on endless journeys filled with adventure. Lenses feature the highest quality of tempered mineral glass for uncompromised optical clarity. The result is a genuine product where virtues from the past are transmitted through contemporary spectacles.

We are extremely excited to be your one and only source for L.G.R. in Phoenix.. I think you will be just as blown away by the brand as we are. Check out a few of the styles below on our wonderful model Jessica. Welcome to new safari chic --

Song of the moment: Sylvan Esso - Die Young  (Catch them at The Vanburen!)


All Smiles

I would like to introduce our newest hire, Alaina. What really caught our eye was her endless optimism and infectious smile. I have no doubt that she will brighten up your day as she has ours!


Lets play 20 Questions...

1.     Where were you born?

     Prescott, AZ

2.     Where did you grow up?

     Fresno, CA and Redondo Beach, CA

3.     Where would you like to travel to?

     I would love to travel to Australia and Thailand

4.     What makes you feel most fulfilled?

     Making people feel happy

5.     What is your favorite eyewear brand?

     Cole Haan

6.     Who is your favorite designer/brand?

     Kate Spade

7.     You only get 3 words to describe yourself - what are they?

     Humble, organized and optimistic

8.     What’s the most embarrassing moment of your life so far?

     Lets not go there…

9.     Where would you rather live – a big house in the suburbs or a tiny apartment in a great location in the city?

     I would rather live in a big house in the suburbs

10.  What is your favorite food to eat?


11.  What song do you currently have on repeat?

     “Malibu” by Miley Cyrus

12.  Do you like waking up early or staying up late?

     I like Staying up late

13.  What is your favorite animal?


14.  What’s your favorite local restaurant?


15.  What do you do when you’re not working?

     Hike and travel

16.  What are you currently reading?

     Nothing at the moment

17.  Where did you go to school?

     Rio Salado CC.

18.  What is your guilty pleasure?

     Twix, gummy bears and wine.

19.  Where is your favorite place in AZ to visit?

     Prescott Valley

20.  Coffee or tea?

     I need both to survive


Field Trip

Its been rainy week to say the least. Between the whipping winds and flash flooding we've made it through without incident. Plenty of trees downtown may be a bit worse for the wear but fortunately there were no delays in construction and we are still on schedule. Staffing is the current task as well as finishing up eyewear orders. I'm doing my best wearing my hiring manager hat and so far we've had some great luck with some amazing candidates. Later today I will introduce you to our amazing front of house coordinator, Alaina. 

One exciting part of last week was our visit to Ezra Arthur - Hand made leather goods from a quartet of brothers right here in downtown Phoenix. Considering I biked there to pick up our products - this is as local as local gets. I had the opportunity to speak with the proprietors about the products, the production, and state of downtown. I'm in love with the products and the story behind them and am excited to bring them to you. Expect some collaborations in the future! 

Monsoon Season

I feel that we are way overdue for an update. It has been a wild couple of weeks to say the least. Paint is on the walls and starting next week cabinetry will be installed followed by flooring and equipment install. We are (fingers crossed) looking to enter the space on the 31st and have a soft opening soon after. My weeks have been full of working with vendors to deliver you the best and most unique products around. I have spent copious amounts of time scouring for the latest and greatest in independent eyewear that you can’t find elsewhere in AZ. From eco-chic to hand made luxury and every in between, we’re sure to have something to fit your style. Fortunately, we are getting down to the little details; the stuff you wake up at 4am thinking about. Its more than I ever imagined and equally as fulfilling as draining. I might as well just start a lab at Lola’s with all the coffee I’ve been drinking. My goal is to provide you with a perfectly curated patient experience. It will absolutely take some trial and error but rest assured, we are learning and working hard to improve. Every experience – good or bad, is an opportunity to grow.


We are currently in the process of hiring staff. I am working hard to create a positive work environment where employees want to be. I’d like to create an environment where I would like to work, pay my staff a living wage, work reasonable hours, share responsibilities. I don’t have much management experience but like everything else this is a learning experience. If I read enough inspirational quotes on Instagram I should be a born leader – right? Anyway, I’m excited for our first signed staff member, optician Hillary Foulk. An Arizona native (THEY DO EXIST!) with both commercial and private practice experience, a holistic approach to life, and a free spirit I have no questions that she will be a great addition to the practice and I can’t wait to share her with you all.  

What A June

The beginning of summer has been a wild ride thus far to say the least. We began the month with a trip to NY to witness some wonderful friends get married. I’m thankful I had the opportunity to see my parents while visiting. Living cross country from family is hard but we make it a point to stay in touch with weekly phone calls at the least. My mother started her own business a couple years back and its inspiring to watch her growth as I prepare to start my own venture/adventure.


Our New York trip was quickly followed up by my first trip to the heartland. I visited my consultant in Lincoln, Nebraska to take a more hands on approach at learning to run a business with a two-day seminar. With minimal sleep and lots of excitement I feel that I’ve been given the tools to be successful. I had the opportunity to experience Jazz in June in Lincoln as well as some fantastic beer at Boiler Brewing Company. I loved the turn of the century architecture and friendliness of the locals.


Construction continues relatively on time. We are currently one week off from our original planned completion date which given the overall size of this buildout is impressive. We hope for the best and plan for the worst and this all par for the course. It just means you have to wait one more week to party with us! Not to fear though, we’ll put that time to good use. We met with our second frame vendor this week and placed our first order. We are excited to bring you some Urban Eye Care exclusives straight from NYC. Over the course of the next month we will introduce all our frame vendors, what makes them unique, and why we’ve decided to carry them.


These next 6 weeks are going to be fast paced but were beyond excited. Check out the pictures of our recent adventures and stay tuned for more! 


Song of the moment: Shovels and Rope - O' Be Joyful

Team Work

The more time I spend working towards opening the more I realize that it truly is team work that propels us forwards. Between our architect, construction crew, IT, equipment etc., my other half Emily has been there supporting me and keeping me on track. We've been crushing our tight deadlines and staying on target throughout this project thanks to team work. At the end of this week all of the electrical, plumbing, and low voltage cabling will be complete and the construction crew will start with drywall. We continue to select frame manufactures which we think will fit nicely into the downtown environment and will keep you looking as great as you see! We are just about done with insurance credentialing and will be taking all major vision and healthcare plans. 

 I had the pleasure of spending this last weekend in New York watching some of Emily and I's great friends tie the knot. Its always a humbling experience to have the privilege to be surrounded by such happiness and beauty.  During this whole ordeal we have also taken the leap and moved downtown! I am ecstatic to say we are now in the historic F.Q. Story Neighborhood, just a block from the dog park and finally have a back yard for the puppers! I'm not sure if whether which of us is enjoying it more but I love being able to bike to and around downtown. I can't wait to be able to bike to work once the weather cools down. 

I feel lucky to have had a lot of people reach out to me from around the community recently. It is great to connect to future friends, patients, local businesses, etc., so keep it coming! We work diligently to stay active on social media and our website and love talking to member of the community. We always welcome advice and criticism and strive to be the best we can be. 

We look forward to hearing from you!


Lift Off!

As we reach the middle of May we have hit some new mile stones. I am glad to say that we have selected a contractor for our build out which should start in the upcoming weeks. Insurance credentialing is going as smoothly as it can, but we have added multiple carriers in the last weekend plan to continue expansion to be able to serve our patients. Currently we are working on curating our eye wear collection to bring you the latest and greatest in quality glasses and sun wear. Our goal is to provide a mix of independent and well known brands to satisfy all needs and budgets. In the coming weeks as construction commences we will finalize our IT systems and begin assembly and installation. We are working towards a fully digital office to reduce wasted paper and use only recycled paper when possible to reduce our carbon foot print. 

I just want to reach out and thank everybody who has taken the time to check out our website, social media, and Facebook as well as to thank those that have personally reached out to me. Without the support of friends, family, and the community, none of this would be possible. So thank you all! I look forward to posting some progress pictures as the build commences. 


I am happy to say that our plans have been approved by the city and we are comparing contractors at the moment. We hope to start construction in the next couple weeks. We continue to move forward in credentialing and have added a couple new vision plans since last posting. In our efforts to be a paperless practice we are working closely with our friendly IT folks to bring you to latest in technology and accessibility. It feels great to see this moving forward and I am really excited to serve our local community.