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Fall Artist Cloth

Fall Artist Cloth

Urban Eyecare Fall Artist Cloth by Jeffrey of Go Easy Co.

As the vibrant hues of summer slowly fade away, we welcome the less warm embrace of fall. It’s a season of change, of shedding the old and embracing the new. In the spirit of embracing creativity and local talent, we are thrilled to introduce our Fall Artist Cloth, a bespoke lens cleaning cloth designed by a talented local artist, Jeffrey Burke of Go Easy Co. Prepare to embark on a journey through art and vision, as we delve into the story behind this exclusive creation.

Check out Allison’s interview with Jeffrey about his work and what lies in the future for himself and Go Easy Co.

Q: How would you describe your work?

A: My work is very much a representation of who I am as a person. It always changes, it’s a little rough around the edges, but it’s always authentic.

Q: What has surprised you most about your artistic development?

A: Honestly, the amount of people who have helped me. The community I’ve built and Phoenix and now extending outwards is truly unbelievable. I’ve always been someone who thought that my work wasn’t “good enough” to do this professionally, so when people actually like your work and tell their friends about you it really builds your confidence as an artist and I am so thankful for that.

Q: Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with? (anyone from any time period etc!)

A: Ugh so many. Currently Terry Urban. I really love his style. It’s expressive, and sketchy, and scrapbook-y and collage-y, but again feels very authentic to him. Some other artists I love are Yonil, CROM, oldsweaty, flesh.png, and Simon Stålenhag.

Q: If you could go back in time and live in any decade and any city for a month, where would you pick and why?

A: I’d go way back. Like I just want to be making fires and collecting berries and not thinking about buying a house.

Q: What are some of your favorite color combinations to work with?

A: I love natural neutrals with a little pop of color. Bright oranges, peachy colors, and yellows are my favorite.

Q: Some of your work reminds me of album covers and 80’s/90’s diy punk show flyers-were those an influence for you?

A: Yeah that whole DIY “do it by any means necessary” vibe is very inline with what I make. Old punk posters are a big influence, and I’ve especially been into old QSL calling cards for CB radio. I love when somebody who isn’t traditionally an artist makes art. Most of the rules get thrown out and it becomes very apparent that they don’t matter.

Q: If you had to make a mini playlist that describes Go Easy Co, what songs would be on it?

A: Dance in Room Song – Sipper
Cowboys Don’t Cry – Oliver Tree
Haircut – Petey
Gone – Baby Boys
Rigamarole – Whitmer Thomas

Q: Do you have a personal favorite piece of yours?

A: As my mom would say, they are all my children and I love them all the same.

Q: What’s next for Go Easy Co?

A: I’m focusing more on physical art next year. Digital is great but there’s something special about actually getting to see and feel a one of a kind thing that a human made.

Available exclusively at Urban Eyecare, this limited edition Fall Artist Cloth is a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and community. Embrace the fall season in style and add a touch of artistic elegance to your everyday life. Stocked at both Uptown and Downtown, stop in to pick up your free cloth and welcome the new season.